Do you have an hour?

by Steph on July 2, 2012

Toby Handermann

I am finally coming out of my blog hibernation…It has been a very exciting spring and early summer and it has had its fair share of excitement and sadness.  I will just post today about a very touching thing that happened recently.  To my dismay and shock, I had to put my beloved Toby to sleep on May 29, 2012.  He would have been 8 in August.  It was very sudden and before i could really process it all, he was gone.  You see, I could not bare to keep him here after being told he had Lymphoma.  I will not go into graphic details but if I would have kept him alive, it would have been for me and not him.  I could not bare what he was already going through so i made a decision in the morning and by the evening he was gone.  We spent his last day feeding him the “forbidden” foods he loved (allergies), and taking him on his last walk, UnLEASHED.  It has now been a month and Max and Toby are still navigating through his loss.  Max sleeps in Tobys sleeping places and Alvin has trouble getting himself to eat in the mornings.  Toby had a ritual, that he established with Alvin.  He would run around and around the table barking while Alvin chased him, and once the food was placed on its spot toby would approach and then Alvin would approach.  Alvin seems a little lost so i play with him before i feed him.  They are grieving i believe and wondering where there buddy is i assume.  Ok, so on with this story.  It was 2 days after i put him down and I was an absolute mess, just inconsolable.  I went to get the mail and noticed my new “The Glass Bead” magazine had arrived.  I went out on the back deck and started flipping through it when i arrived at Jim Kervins article about DOTS!  I thought to myself “you slacker, you should have tried to get in this”.  I flipped the page, and there was my bead picture and corresponding remarks about ME!  I sat with my mouth open, seriously, agape and stupid looking and then i started to cry.  I cried because I believe it was exactly what i needed at that moment.  I needed just a little nudge, a little lift to pick my spirits up.  I emailed Jim to thank him and tell him what it meant to me.  He responded which was so nice!  I also believe God knew what i needed as well, its no surprise about my faith, I mean He has to bail me out of some really dumpy moody places sometimes.  I am dealing with a lot of death and decline in my life right now with family and friends and it will get worse before it will get better.  However, I am so thankful when I smile and laugh, because that it really who I am, that grounds me for a brief moment to remind myself of who I am!  I am so blessed, really I am!


I hear the surf in my head

by Steph on February 7, 2012

So , I hope everyone is happy and well this time a year, i know i am usually sitting around waiting for my husband to return from his annual diving trip to the tropics.  However, THIS year i will be leaving for 10, yes 10 days for Puerto Rico and then a week long cruise to the islands.  I cannot contain my excitement right now.  I leave in the morning, woo hoo!  I have realized how OCD i am by all of the lists and typed out papers that are lining the front of my fridge for my 17 year old and my mom and dad!  Geez, it goes something like this…”Oh, and don’t forget to wipe like you have for the last 17 years”.  Ok, so I’m joking about the extent of it but it seems like i put everything and the kitchen sink there.  I am a worry wart because i just know i will not have access with my phone much (yes, i have at&t and cannot get my iPhone to work on my street, so the islands? no).  Thank God my husband is in the call center, technical Cisco industry so he routes his computer through his work and we can talk through it.  Deep breath, here i go, i am officially on vacay as of 7am tomorrow morning!  yay!

Oh, you can still shop on my etsy but just know that you will not hear back from me until around the 20th of Feb.  I will ship out then.

Later people!!  Stay warm, stay safe and most of all, laugh as much as you can at life :)




January 27, 2012

“Coral Reef” now listed on etsy, my first official list. Hello etsy! My Inspiration, oh how I love perusing Anthropologie  

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My Dot writings

January 27, 2012

Guess what? I wrote a dot tutorial (in a sense) about all things dots in the current issue (for Feb) of “The Soda Lime Times”. You can see it by going to and signing up for the issues. It is a great magazine, and there is so much eye candy in the issues from […]

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My tree is still up!

January 21, 2012

hello all, So I have had a very busy Jan so far.  I am so excited about all the upcoming things in my business and I have been making beads to list on etsy, beads for Yelton and more sand beads for the Jersey story.  Next week i get to have a small photography class […]

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Look what came today!

December 30, 2011

Mailbox, opened, The Flow Winter 2011 issue inside, happy I was very excited to see my picture in the 7th annual Gallery of Women in Glass.  I knew of course, but its just nice to see your beads inside of a magazine.  Its a great issue, and I am honored to have been chosen to […]

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December 18, 2011

I have a special inspiration for my dot beads.  it starts with a particular bird and ends with hundreds of dots.  The bead on the right column of my blog was inspired by my love of Emperor Penguins in the arctic.  They complete a journey of instinct and love by amassing together in hopes of […]

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Welcome to my new site!

December 16, 2011

Welcome to my blog, as you can see I have not added anything yet!  It is Christmas time in my household and I have been sooo busy preparing to host 45 people for Christmas Eve.  Check back soon and please sign up for email so you will be notified when I blog or add beads […]

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